Translation of texts in Spanish, French, Catalan or Portuguese into UK English
Editing of texts translated from Spanish, French, Catalan or Portuguese into UK English
Proofreading of texts written in UK English
Localisation of texts written in US English for a UK audience

I specialise in the following areas:

Clinical Trial Documentation: clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, patient information sheets, ethics committee letters, serious adverse event reports, summary of product characteristics, etc.

Medical Journal Articles: over 200 medical journal articles translated to date on topics ranging from pharmacovigilance to rare diseases, with a particular interest in neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes. Other regular topics include hepatology, neurology, cardiology, immunology and ophthalmology.

​ If you require a different language combination or subject matter, I have a large network of colleagues and would be happy to refer you to the right person.
Spanish, French, Catalan and Portuguese into English Translator