Jacqueline Lamb
Translator and Editor
Spanish, French, Catalan and Portuguese into English 

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About me

​​Areas of specialisation

UK English-native, Barcelona-based translator with 11 years' full-time experience, providing translation and revision services from Spanish, French, Catalan and Portuguese into English. 

​I mainly focus on medical and pharmaceutical translations and have extensive experience translating clinical trial documentation and medical journal articles.

  • Clinical trial documentation: clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, patient information sheets, ethics committee letters, etc.

  • Medical journal articles: translation and revision of medical journal articles, particularly in the areas of cardiology, oncology and ophthalmology

  • Medical reports: hospital discharge summaries, patient medical records, laboratory test results, diagnostic imaging reports, often including handwritten text

  • Translation of texts in Spanish, French, Catalan or Portuguese into UK English

  • Editing of texts translated from Spanish, French, Catalan or Portuguese into UK English

  • Proofreading of texts written in UK English

  • Localisation of texts written in US English for a UK audience

  • UK English-native translator, born in Glasgow, Scotland, having spent 11 years living and working in Catalonia, Spain​

  • M.A. in French and Spanish from the University of Glasgow in 2010 (including modules in Catalan and Portuguese)

  • Four years spent working as an in-house translator and editor, gaining extensive experience in the fields of medicine and life sciences

  • Freelance translator since 2014, working with both direct clients and translation agencies

  • Member of MET (Mediterranean Editors and Translators), ASETRAD (Spanish Association of Translators, Copy-editors and Interpreters) and ​EMWA (European Medical Writers Association)